Starfleet Training
Engineering Team Leader
Cruiser Captain
Heavy Cruiser Captain
Exploration Cruiser Captain
Advanced Escort Captain
Science Team Leader
Escort Captain
Heavy Escort Captain
Long Range Science Vessel
Assault Cruiser Captain
Starship Command
Science Vessel Captain
Research Science Vessel Captain
Tactical Escort Captain
Deep Space Science Vessel Captain
Tactical Team Leader
Fleet Escort Captain
Reconnaissance Science Vessel
Star Cruiser Captain
Starship Energy Weapons
Starship Energy Weapons Training
Starship Beam Weapons
Starship Disrupter Weapon
Starship Plasma Energy Weapons
Starship Antiproton Weapons
Starship Cannon Weapons
Starship Phaser Weapons
Starship Tetryon Weapons
Starship Polaron Weapons
Starship Projectile Weapons
Starship Projectile Weapons Training
Starship Mines
Starship Photon Projectiles
Starship Plasma Projectiles
Starship Chroniton Projectiles
Starship Torpedo Weapons
Starship Quantum Projectiles
Starship Transphasic Projectiles
Starship Tricobalt Projectiles
Starship Engineering
Starship Engineering Training
Starship Auxiliary Systems Maintenance
Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency
Starship Engine Performance
Starship Auxiliary Systems Performance
Starship Warp Core Training
Starship Engine Maintenance
Starship Weapon Efficiency
Starship Shield Performance
Starship Hull Repair
Starship Shield Maintenance
Starship Engine Efficiency
Starship Subsystem Repair
Starship Weapon Systems Performance
Starship Weapon Maintenance
Starship Shield Efficiency
Starship Operations
Starship Operations Training
Starship Deflectors
Starship Deflector Dish
Starship Deflector Field
Starship Emitters
Starship Sensor Array
Starship Hazard System
Photonic Theory
Starship Sensors
Starship Tractor Beam
Starship Sensor Probes
Spatial Anomaly
Tactical Officer
Assault Training
Advanced Warfare
Close Combat Training
Close Protection
Special Forces
Martial Arts
Threat Control
Squad Command
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